Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Small and Affordable in the Slope: 258 11th Street

South Slope is kind of an interesting play. Lots of the same amenities and proximity to the park as more prime Park Slope, with a slightly different feel and a few less strollers. Luckily, lots of these blocks within a manageable walking distance of the trains at 4th Avenue and 9th Street keep popping up in relatively affordable price ranges. 258 11th Street is a 2-Family brick building listed just under a million at $979K.

With its garden, fair amount of curb appeal,

and presentable interior,

One could argue this is begging to be bought around the 2-Family loan limit of $934K. However, it's also less than 17' wide, and has 3BR's maximum. Yet, as the listing points out, this house may still stack up favorably to many condos around this price.

Pro's: location, affordability, nice condition

Con's: width, not much rental income potential, maybe not the best of its breed

Ideally: worth a look, and there's an open house this weekend! Compare to the other small properties over here like 360 6th Avenue

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