Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Closings of Interest

Too many interesting closings going on for just one building today...

Carroll Gardens:

36 4th Place - another 4-Family closing on a block with a lot of activity, 10/13/10 for $1.9M.

511 Clinton Street - a 3-Family brownstone with 1BR rentals on an open floor plan, in need of moderate work, originally listed at $1.495M in June 2009, dropped to $1.29M in November 2009, closed 9/23/10 for $1.17M

78 2nd Street - a funky little 2-Family listed 7/14/2010 for $1.095M, closed 11/03/10 for $1.065M.

50 2nd Place - pricey/nicey 3-Family listed by Fillmore on 6/4/10 for $1.595M, sold 9/10/10 for $1.54M

Cobble Hill:

351 Sackett Street - a 3-Family in need of renovation, we covered this one back in August back when it was listed at $1.195M and figured it worked under a million. It closed for $925K on 8/18/10 and was just recorded last week.

77 Douglass Street - interesting 8-Family listed for $1.9M with Century 21 (we believe) on 7/7/2010. Closed on 10/28/10 for $1.65M. At almost 6,500 sqft, that's a chunk of building for the price!

Clinton Hill:

147 Greene Avenue - a multi-family with "fire damage" closed on 10/15/10 for $320K, and listed that day, for just four days, at $500K

514 Classon - a 2-Family foreclosure that closed on 8/5/10 for $548K, recorded 2 weeks ago.

Park Slope:

482 14th Street - nice looking 3-Family limestone, originally listed at $1.8M on 4/9/10, dropping to $1.7M, then $1.6M until selling for $1.392M on 11/9/10

387 9th Street - a 3-Family with fancy interior listed for $1.7M on 9/24/10, closed for $1.55M on 10/19/10

315 11th Street - another affordable 3-Family in South Slope in need of some face-lifting. Listed for $999K, sold for $915K on 10/5/10.

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