Thursday, March 24, 2011

Open House Sunday: 446 Prospect Avenue

One man's "Park Slope" is another man's "Windsor Terrace". But a rose by any other name, would it still sell for almost a million dollars? If a brownstone falls in the forest, would anybody still overbid for it? Either way you cut it, 446 Prospect Avenue is worth a closer look. Sometimes we go through long stretches of hardly worthwhile, over-priced places, but things worth their weight have been popping up all over recently. This 2-Family brick building looks ready to go. It's turnkey interior, proximity to the F train and Prospect Park, as well as nice, semi-hip amenities makes this a totally legit buy:

Sure it's only 16' wide, only has 4 bedrooms, not many square feet, and the exterior's seen better days. But it's 50' deep, has a deck and finished basement, beats most condos, and the open house means no scheduling snaffoo's with flakey agents (you know who you are!) and the chance that they actually mean to sell the dang thing. Walk over there this Sunday 12:00-2pm and check it out!

Pro's: condo alternative, close to the train & park, amenities & actual Park Slope are near-by, totally turnkey

Con's: exterior, 16' wide, not a lot of BR's or SQFT, Windsor Terrace-y

Ideally: check out the open house and see if there's a catch, but this shouldn't last long either...

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