Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not Our Cup of Tea: 355 14th Street

Brown Harris Stevens does well with the high-end listings and they seem committed to taking better pictures than ever. We're not sure if that's going to make anyone drop $1.65M over here for something so small, but it's worth a shot. 355 14th Street is a 2-Family in South Slope just off lovable 7th Avenue. Coverted from a Single Family, it sits at only 16' x 40'. Although, it sure cleans up nice:

The design inside is pretty neat-o, from the floors to the walls to the molding. But you can see why they didn't include a picture of the exterior in the listing. You get a 2BR owner's duplex with a "Japanese-style cedar deck overlooking the garden", plus a one BR garden rental unit. You're paying for quality not quantity over here, but no matter how nice it is, we look for more than 3BR's for our $1.65M. If you've got that kind of money to spend and you like Prospect Park, we think you're better of with some off the plays in Prospect Heights like 407 Sterling.

Pro's: cleans up nice in pictures, lots of great interior details, deck & yard in the back

Con's: price, curb appeal, 16' width, only 3BR's, SOUTH slope

Ideally: There a plenty of 2-Family's in this price range we'd go with before this, but the owner's sitting on all equity and this is, afterall, Park Slope...

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