Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiny 2-Family's Continue: 20 Lefferts Place

20 Lefferts Place is a 14' wide brick home on this quiet little street in Clinton Hill that has seen lots of activity. 20 Lefferts was first listed for $1.125M on 8/28/10, and is now offered for $1.09M. Anyone considering this property should be kicking themselves they missed the enormous 109 Lefferts, should track down the immaculate 64 Lefferts, might've considered 215 Gates, and might be better off with 8 Lefferts. People come to Lefferts for a bargain, whether that means a bigger size, better condition, or better price. 20 Lefferts is small and relatively affordable, and has a clean, shiny, workable interior. Overall, it's nothing special, though we ARE loving the garden:

Buyers will be drawn to 20 Lefferts for lots of reasons, but the best places to drop ~$1M in our book, at the moment, would be 446 Prospect Avenue, 279 13th Street, or 154 Underhill.

Pro's: curb appeal, totally turnkey, great garden, quaint little block

Con's: kinda off the beaten path, 14' wide, maybe not the best thing in its price range - or on the block for that matter

Ideally: we would imagine something just under $999K, but there's so many other moves buyers could make in that range that it's tough to say...

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  1. As of yesterday, this listing is no longer available. Unclear whether it's in contract or what: