Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Outer Slope 4-Family: 137 14th Street

137 14th Street is a 4-Family just listed in outer Park Slope for $1.399M. At first glance the price, exterior photo, and Park Slope-y location might grab ya:

The exterior is very reminiscent of 312 Greene Avenue. But then you realize it's between 3rd and 4th Avenues, which with the vinyl siding houses and mechanic shops and warehouses on the block can start to feel more like Bay Ridge than Park Slope. Certainly not "in the heart of Park Slope" as the listing would have you believe. And then you see the interior pics which are dark and leave something to be desired for this price:

And THEN you remember that the far-superior, primo-located 96 St. Marks sold for $1M on the dot and you wanna start pulling your hair out all over again and cursing the silly agent who never called you back to take your offer that was $100K higher and would have closed months sooner. But alas...

Pro's: curb appeal, 4-Family status, rental income potential, 20' x 40' floorplate, striking distance of Park Slope and trains

Con's: no neighborhood feel, outer Slope, interior is dated, kinda pricey

Ideally: Lots of equity should be built up in this place, so if the location isn't a deal breaker, get in there a make an offer that works for ya!

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