Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update-able 2-Fam in South Slope: 313 12th Street

Check out this funky little, boxy, 16' wide 2-Family! 313 12th Street is between 5th & 6th Avenues in the semi-more afforadable South Slope. The interior has that 70's-infused Ladies' Man feel of 238 Lafayette:

("Yeahhhh.... thass cool...")

For something more turnkey in this price range, you might get a little more bang for your buck out of the 3-Family 310 Lafayette over in Clinton Hill, but the Park Slope appeal is it's own kinda thing. But if you're fixing up a 2-Family around this purchase price, the location of the recently-reduced 414 Dean is superior to 313 12th Street. But there's value down the road here for the right price...

Pro's: curb appeal, Slope-y location, amenities, double-duplex layout

Con's: needs updating, 2-Family status, pricey for a fixer-upper, better things out there

Ideally: with turn-key type places selling in this neighborhood for this price, and lots of equity in the place, make a stab at a lower price that works for you.

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