Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's No Accounting For Taste: 57 St. Marks Avenue

Here at BK to the Fullest, we're mourning the loss of the real estate function on Google Maps. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

We're also mourning the loss of 96 St. Marks Avenue, originally listed at $1.9M, we offered $1.1M, and it closed 6 months later for $1M. It's especially painful when you see something semi-dinky like 126 St. Marks a few doors up the block, listing for $2.1M for over a year and finally closing on 3/16/11 for $1.9M. Now we bring you something that's almost worth asking price: it's 57 St. Marks Avenue.

Out of our league at $2.1M and not our kind of play, but if you dropped $1.9M on that so-so 126 St. Marks, feast your eyes on this:

Again, more than anything, we're just shocked at 126 St. Marks managing to fetch $1.9M with all the incredible places $1.9M can get ya. Plus with some shells in Carroll Gardens going for $1.45M, it's nice to know $2M can still get ya a great finished product in a great neighborhood. But wayyyy too rich for our blood.

Pro's: stunning interior, back deck, location, radiant floor heating

Con's: way out of our price range

Ideally: we still say 287 Dekalb is the move in this price range.

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