Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Closing Today on Arlington: 18 Arlington Place

When another look at the quintessential 2-Family townhouse in Bed-Stuy pops up on one of the area's quaintest, most convenient blocks, it doesn't last long.  Or at least, it shouldn't.  We go out of town for a week to visit fam' and this one slips right under our noses!  One of our favorite local brokers for underground deals, Celeste Moses, picked up this wounded listing at 18 Arlington Place and made a great deal happen.  Not only did the deal make sense at the time around $1.2M, but just a few weeks after contract this house's bigger brother at 7 Arlington listed for $1.3M and locked up for $1.7M in a week.  Then this house's cousin a few doors down at 12 Arlington has a bidding war above $1.3M a month later with a mediocre listing.  So 18 Arlington is looking sweeter & sweeter to us by the day.  It's got the same wood details that made people go gaga for 22 Arlington, but in even better condition.

Obviously, this tiny peak inside doesn't do it justice.  Platinum Members were sold.  Those who missed out even copped the next-best limestone in Crown Heights at an even better price.  I'm'a tell you like, Corcoran told me...

In a climate where even fixer-uppers can coast effortlessly above $1.4M in Bed-Stuy if they're marketed properly, this looks like a great little pick-up.

Pro's:  curb appeal, great block, great details, A/C trains on deck, triplex over garden configuration is best use of space

Con's:  gone already, barely listed, narrow, wish we could see more

Ideally:  a total gem for lots of buyers out there

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