Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Directory: Real Estate Attorneys

New to the Directory section of the blog, it's a real estate attorney!  Readers and Platinum Members are always asking us for a recommendation for an attorney to do due diligence on a deal, handle a closing, and all kinds of other needs.  Whether you're working with a broker or not, you'll need an attorney to handle your contract and closing.  Accepted offers on price and terms may abound, but nothing is legally binding in a real estate purchase until a fully executed contract for sale is signed by both parties and money changes hands.  Your broker can ask for the moon & the stars, and all kinds of stuff can end up on the deal sheet, but the legally binding nitty-gritty is typically hammered-out by the attorneys.

In some states, like Florida, the real estate agents actually write-up the contracts themselves - usually on a standard form with lots of blanks to fill.  In New York, the real estate agents pretty much hand things off to the attorneys once price and terms are agreed on.  Usually the seller's attorney sends a contract, and things are put in motion.

Alexander Hakopian is an attorney who's held it down for Platinum Members in co-op purchases, multi-family purchases, and even landlord-tenant issues.  He's been available to turn contracts around quickly when needed, and has helped hold tricky deals together when the going got tough.  So we're happy to have him on board for the Directory.

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