Saturday, June 29, 2013

Closings of Note: On and Off-Market, Pt. II

This 66-Fam on the Flatbush end of Lefferts Garden at 130-136 Martense Street sells for $7M last month.  Can't sleep on the outer edges of Brooklyn anymore!  Even Columbia's architectural library has this building on lock...

Makes the Platinum Member pick-up on the 8-Family at 245 Martense Street look like an even better buy than it already was.  We just got a sneak peek of the rent roll on the next-best off-market 20-Fam on this side of the park, which is a 12-cap at the rents on 245 Martense Street!

If 6,000 sqft of generic rentals in Brooklyn Heights at 161 Columbia Heights was worth $3M last year, what's it worth this year?  Looks like Sugar Hill gladly unloaded this badboy for a cool $3.95M in just over a year, and Besen rolled-out this rental listing that makes even the lamest brokers scoff.

Brooklyn Heights isn't the only place where 6,000 sqft of generic rentals can fetch $3.95M.  Check 277 Classon Avenue, across from Pratt in Clinton Hill, closing for the same price a month ago today.

Meanwhile, around the corner, an 8-Family on the Clinton Hill side of Bed-Stuy moves barely on-market for $1.4M at 474 Lafayette Avenue.  Platinum Members were all over this one when it was available last year.

 An owner of a few Bed-Stuy places moves this 3-story at 315 Halsey Street for $760K.

And if you're not feeling that pricing, than you really don't wanna hear a 3-story in Bushwick at 780 Quincy Street sells for $800K.  A quick flip for double the price in just a few months.  We heard about an even better house than this - with more original detail - available pre-market for $850K.

Also in Bushwick, 1076 Decatur Street fetches $599K.  Further out that many people wanna be for the moment, but still a renovated townhouse for a condo price.

Did somebody say 3-story in Bed-Stuy?  Even barely 16' wide at 544 Lexington Avenue sells for $710K, just above asking price.  Still, condo prices.

In Crown Heights, this huge brownstone at 132 New York Avenue in a great row of them trades for $1.25M.  Oh, yeah, and off-market, and an SRO.  Getting harder and harder to sneak up on a house even over here.

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