Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New to the Blog: The Directory

Back (for the first time) by popular demand, it's BK to the Fullest's new addition, the "Directory".  Once upon a time, we thought all you needed was a real estate agent to purchase a property.  That can vary, but there are a ton of other players in the industry you most likely will be needing.  Like a lender or mortgage broker to tell you how much house you can afford (unless you're a cash buyer).  Like a real estate attorney to field the contract and guide you to closing.  A home inspector to give you a professional diagnosis of a building.  A contractor and architect to discuss current conditions and the cost & feasibility of proposed renovations.  Even the masters in the renovation biz like Cousin John told us it took him years to put together a "Dream Team" of the best specialists for every aspect of his jobs.  And ever since the blog's inception, we've looked to mimic that with other pro's in Brooklyn's multi-family market.  We've gotten input from folks all around, and had a chance to meet some serious people doing it in the industry.  So when one of them asked us about a Brownstoner-like Directory, we were game.

Our first addition is mortgage broker Vanessa Thatcher of Atlantic Home Capital who came highly recommended by Brownstoner and by a Platinum Member she went to bat for in a tricky deal in Crown Heights.  We saw her grindin' on the deal to make it happen, which is what it takes in this biz.  Vanessa's on the map for multi-family lending in Brooklyn.  So we're happy to have her as the first member of the Directory

We have new fields and new additions to come to the Directory, including some of our go-to people in the industry.  If you're interested in joining, e-mail us at bktothefullest.com@gmail.com

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  1. Dette er veldig deilig blogg med gode ideer. Thanku så mye for denne fine bloggen. Det har svært intersting innhold.

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