Monday, June 3, 2013

In Contract in Ditmas: 136 Argyle Road

If you're not married to the look of brick, brownstone, & limestone rowhouses that everyone obsesses over, but you still want to be in a picturesque neighb' in Brooklyn, then mosey on down to Ditmas Park where suburban dreams come true.  Full of huge lots with huge yards, detached Queen Anne & Victorian houses with mansard roofs... you'll think you've been whisked from the "ghetto" of Prospect Park South to the outrageously wealthy haunts of, say, Greenwhich, Connecticut.  (As we like to say, "Not that we've actually been to Greenwhich, Connecticut.")  Yes, as if you needed another reminder that Brooklyn was built - if not "by", then certainly "for" - ballers.  136 Argyle Road was another one of these gems not to be slept on.  Platinum Members asked, and we agreed.

Stained-glass windows, decorative columns, oak pocket doors, ceiling beams, parquet floors with killer herringbone patterns, built-in wood cabinetry... this house has all the period details folks gush over.

Oh, and did we mention?  A pool, a garage, a driveway, a front yard, a back yard, a sun porch.  All for the price of a dinky condo a third the size in Manhattan.  You don't have to run to Long Island, Westchester, or Jersey to find this splendor.

Good news is, there are blocks and blocks of these.  Bad news is, they ain't getting any cheaper.

Pro's:  curb appeal, details, yard(s), great block, beats a dinky condo in the city, suburban-style family-friendly housing in Brooklyn?!

Con's:  gone already, needs work, no rental income

Ideally:  another great alternative to chasing $2M+ fixer-uppers in south Slope


  1. Went to the open house. The "pool" was an above ground affair clogged with leaves and the "sun porch" was a weird garbage strewn room sealed off from the rest of the house that needed to be razed.