Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fort Greene Flawless: 54 St. Felix Street

Now this is what a listing should look like! Layouts, pictures, descpriptions - even an address. 54 St. Felix Street looks like a gorgeous renovation, just off the main stretch of Fort Greene, more towards downtown. This 2-family has an owner's duplex, a "2BR" rental, and a 2 car garage. They definitely put some work into this one. Second bedroom in the rental is pretty fakey at 6'7". But this is a higher-end spot that'll wind up in the hands of someone less concerned with pumping out sheer rental income.

On a pretty block with lots of trains around. Fort Greene park is just around the corner. The only thing that gives us pause is the width, and perhaps the price.

Not the kind of place we make a play on, with the 2-family loan limit well-outta reach (and there's better places for us to devote 20% down these days). But someone's gonna love this place.

Pro's: location, renovated, curb appeal

Con's: width, rental isn't 2 real bedrooms

Ideally: a baller comes along and calls this place home


  1. The listing now shows this place for $1.65M, although it clearly dropped from $1.5M to $1.45M not too long ago. As seen here on Brownstoner:

    What's going on with price increases on places that couldn't even sell for their original asking price? 347 Greene, we're looking at you.

  2. Less than 3 months after the price increase, the listing was removed on 4/11/11:

    1. Now re-listed here: