Saturday, July 24, 2010

3-Family with plans in the Slope: 345 13th Street

A few smaller buildings at relatively more affordable prices show up in this stretch of Park Slope. This listing for 345 13th Street has the 17' 3-family brick building at $1.2M with Marcus & Millichap since May '10. Marcus & Millichap listings are often under the radar because it appears you have to register with them to see their listings and they don't always market them to the public otherwise. Property Shark shows Fillmore with the listing at $1.29M in December of '09.

The price drop should help. 17' x 50' is a modest floor plate to fit two full bedrooms on, which the listing says the rentals are. The floor plan given shows a railroad-esque set up. Not sure if there's a good way to provide seperate, convenient entrances to the BR's and still make it all feel like 1 apartment. The lay out also includes a "schematic property analysis" from an architect with some of the building's other possibilities, including adding another floor on top with the buildable FAR available. Although, we imagine anyone with that kind of cash might aim for a different building altogether.

While it's not on the most quaint block, the proximity to the F train and vibrant avenues on 5th & 7th will always command a good price and good rents. We'd love to see the condition of the inside.

Pro's: location, price, plans to expand

Con's: width, layout, what's the condition?

Ideally: with a lot of options for modest buildings at this price point, it's hard to say whether this is the best one for the money in this area. We should take a look at the others...


  1. According to Streeteasy, as of 08/18/2010, this property is "No Longer Available".

  2. Listing's back out, changed hands: