Friday, July 16, 2010

Prospect Heights Gem: 636 Bergen Street

Prospect Heights... it's not just "the poor man's Park Slope" anymore. Everytime you stroll down the stretch of Vanderbilt from Atlantic Avenue to Prospect Park, there's a new establishment, store, restaurant, or bar. (anyone else still mourning the loss of Bob Law's Seafood Cafe?) Just up from the 2/3 train at Bergen, comes 636 Bergen Street listed for $1.2M. Nestled between Beast, bike lanes, Le Gamin, an artist painting portraits and landscapes on glass panels on the corner. About as close as one could be to the stadium without (hopefully) bearing the brunt of the construction process. This stretch of Vanderbilt and Bergen may have surpassed its 5th Avenue and Bergen counterpart.

This legal 3-fam with 18' x 50' dimensions gives ya a decent floor plate. Listing claims it's three 2BR apts, and we imagine rents have to be cooking over here nowadays. A couple of pictures would be nice too. However, we've become accustomed to these undercover listings. Anybody seen the inside?

Pro's: location, proximity to Prospect Park, 2/3 train at Bergen, "fully renovated", competetive price

Con's: let's SEE the renovation, 18' isn't the optimal width, neighboring Beast might be loud and/or oderous, sort of an industrial stretch of Begen on the north side of this block

Ideally: the Pro's certainly outweigh the Con's from what we can tell, so far. Listed right at the FHA 3-family loan limit too? I wanna go take a look...


  1. Touched base w/the agent on this property and we're told it's off the market indefinitely. Will keep you posted if we get an update.

  2. re-listed for $1.6M and sold for $1.472M in June