Thursday, July 15, 2010

Further Down the Slope: 286 10th Street

Just further down Park Slope from yesterday's place comes 286 10th Street, a brand new listing at $1.3M. Yeah, maybe some of you will call this Gowanus, over there on the other side of 4th Avenue from Park Slope "proper". I understand. But you can see why it's already demanding more than the SRO up the street. Okay, besides the handsome brick you can't exactly ~see~ why. It's not like there's any real pictures. The 2nd photo they posted is so cock-eyed, they almost shouldn't have bothered.

According to the listing, though, all kinds of renovations have been done. It sure would be nice to see them. You'd think the owner's (and the agent) would want to showcase all the work and value they're put into the property. It wouldn't hurt to know what the arrangement/layout of the 3 units is either. At least they're pitching its $6,100 rents. This a top-notch property for some buyer out there for sure. Shouldn't last long at this price.

Just like yesterday's listing, location's great in terms of trains, and it's a short jaunt up the hill to some prime Park Slopage. Only concern might be if it's too close to 4th Avenue and a noisy place to be. Either way, check this one out!

Pro's: location, renovated, handsome brick piece

Con's: perhaps too noisy on 4th avenue, let's hear the layout

Ideally: with the 3-family FHA loan limit at $1.2M, someone could come along and pick this up tomorrow. We don't like these half-baked, picture-less listings, but this might not even need it.

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