Monday, July 26, 2010

Prospect Heights for Under $1M: 622 Bergen Street

Just down the street from our recent listing for 636 Bergen comes another 3-family brick building on the same block for under $1M, 622 Bergen. Corcoran's had this listing up for $975K since March '10 with only pictures of the exterior and back yard. The listing touts 2BR floor through apts on each floor, although it's not quite what we'd want out of the 2nd bedroom at 6'3" wide. The location is great for amenities and trains. Avoiding the mansion tax in a nice area like this leaves us wondering what kind of condition the inside is in.

Unfortunately, the listing's in contract, so we'll only get to see what it closes at for curiosity's sake...

Pro's: location, price point

Con's: layout, condition inside?

Ideally: Give or a take a few, this property could be right there for this price. It will be interesting to see what it closes for.

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  1. This place closed on 8/22/10 for $993K, just above asking price: