Friday, July 30, 2010

Fort Greene Favorite: 70 Lafayette Avenue

Right across the street from one of our favorite listings that may have gotten away for under $1M, 79 Lafayette Avenue, comes another well-priced 3-family brick building that the window of opportunity may have closed on too, 70 Lafayette. StreetEasy had this listing up since November 2009 for $1.199M and as of January 2010 it says the listing is "no longer available". From what we can tell, it hasn't sold, and we remember seeing some kind of for sale sign on there pretty recently. Though that's worth double-checking. The listing says it's an "Estate Sale", so that may have complicated things. Looks like a nice amount of space, though, at a comparatively reasonable price. We love this block.

Anybody know anything else about this building?

Pro's: curb appeal, location, size (4,900 sqft)

Con's: interior needs upgrades, may not even be available anymore

Ideally: this is still around at this price. we'll look into it and update you

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