Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Carroll Gardens Shoot-Out: 43 4th Place

Last week we covered the nice house vs. dinky listing situation over on 77 4th Place. Now, just one block over, we have another 3-family brick house at 43 4th Place. Today's pick is listed at almost the identical price, $1.495M. The size and layout are almost identical too. The biggest difference between these two is the quality of the listings. Corcoran always does a good job with photos, floorplans, and descriptions in full sentences. This listing even plays up details like the wood burning fireplace and the buildable air rights. Both of these properties came on the market within 3 weeks of each other, between May and June of 2010, but our money's on the Corcoran listing to go sooner. Not because it's a superior house, but because it's a superior listing. Although, we did have to go to Google Maps street view and the Property Shark for a true picture of the facade.

The interior pictures show a very presentable space. Nice floors and fixtures in most rooms. Corcoran is pro, what can we say? They can make even a lousy space shine. So what happens when two properties of the same size on the same street list for the same price around the same time? It's an old fashioned Carroll Gardens Shoot-Out!! May the best man win!

Pro's: curb appeal, yard, location, rental income potential

Con's: what's going on with the unattached side of the building? neighbor's parking lot?

Ideally: we see this house going much sooner than its opponent, if only on the strength/visibility of its listing


  1. As we suspected, this property didn't last long. It's listed as "In Contract" on Corcoran's website. We'll keep you posted when it closes. Since its neighbor 77 4th Place took almost a 30% cut off of list price, it will be interesting to see where this closes.

  2. Closed on 10/1/10 for $1.4M: